“Tula’s own stunning voice that carries us through the songs. Sort of like Empress, Mazzy Star or Stina Nordenstam, there’s something homespun and beautiful yet sad and urgent about Tula’s songs. ”

Led by delicate yet powerful vocals the Berlin based Swedish quintet TULA is one of the most exciting new acts coming out of Scandinavia with their unique brand of electronic pop, a mix of Massive Attack inspired nineties trip-hop and current day Scandipop. Having formed following each of the members moving to Berlin individually within the space of a week and meeting in a local bar, the band converted an abandoned warehouse they stumbled upon into a private studio where they spent years perfecting their sound in front of live audiences.

Since then TULA has become a steady fixture of Berlin’s club scene as well as performed live all around Germany and with the release of Wicked Game TULA made a big splash last fall with their cover of Chris Isaak’s classic Wicked Game. The cover instantly garnered a lot of attention and quickly rose to the coveted number two spot of the Hype Machine’s “Popular” chart in late September, picking up praise the likes of Pigeons & Planes, DIY and Hillydilly.

Wicked Game was the first track to be released from TULA’s recording sessions with Swedish producer Klas Åhlund in the famed Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, with TULA’s next single River – their most overt pop track to date – also being taken from the same sessions. Åhlund, a long-time collaborator of Robyn who has previously worked with acts like Tove Lo, Usher, Madonna and Kylie Minogue, helped bringing TULA’s melodies to the front, while keeping the sensitive and affecting songwriting intact.

“From Sweden comes Tula, which means something like ‘to wander far into the forest’ and its basically a female singer from the folk tradition. Very sparse on the music side, with just a bit of electric piano, some guitar, a slow bang on the reduced drum kit and Tula’s voice on top, sometimes double tracked. Dream pop, absolutely folk like and reminding me of This Mortal Coil, especially on ‘Don’t Say A Word’. The b-side has two shorter pieces, oh too short pieces of more melancholia, and with ‘Tula’ even with a poisonous rhythm. Too short, but that’s life. Sad but true. An excellent breezy 7″ of great elegant singing and folky music.”

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