KID BE KID & Simon Denizart

“Simon Denizart’s harmonic approach was an obivous nod to jazz, but also served the very creative pop approach of the duo. An exciting process to whitness.” – La Presse

When a duo plays their very first joint appearance at one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world and “leaves the audience with a wow” (Alain Brunet, La Presse CA), then magic and skills must have met.

At the Festival International de Jazz de MontrĂ©al KID BE KID and SIMON DENIZART presented a “tandem of vocals and keys of a completely different type.” Simply put, compositions for four-handed jazz piano are split over a grand piano and synthesizer, meeting neo-soul melodies and beatboxing. What is audible is far more than that, though: jazz drums replaced by KID BE KID’s mouth-made, tight rhythms complete SIMON DENIZART’s emotional piano improvisation. His hands fly through the Parisian suburbs of his childhood to Canada, where he has been living for 8 years and his “hell of a talent” manifested in three acclaimed albums, as well as numerous festival and club appearances.
Live on stage KID BE KID re-arranges, intervenes and responds to Denizart with an urban manner only a true Berlin native could deliver so credibly: cool, in control, and hip to the max. Add to this the deep and binding bass-lines and how intuitively KID BE KID and SIMON DENIZART interact, their performance will seem like they have been doing nothing else all their lives. It’s hard to believe that, in fact, these two soul mates discovered each other on Instagram, established a new duo within ten intensive days right before their live debut at the famous Monument National in MontrĂ©al and continued to play another three live shows in a set up never attempted before, all in the same week. Nothing could be more true though. What’s left to say is that it’s impressive what an unexpectedly discovered, shared love for experiment and adventure does to this art form we call jazz.

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