Fogo Fogo

Fogo Fogo brings lively Cape Verde music to the World.

When Fogo Fogo is there, it’s party time. The Portuguese band has already set many dance floors in motion with their funaná music.

The band was present at many events such as the alternative Boom Festival, Fusion Festival, FMM Sines and Primavera Sound, Festival Iminente, Vodafone Mexe Fest, Eursonics Festival, Mil Lisbon, etc. At Casa Independente (Lisbon) they hosted for the past two years artists like Mayra Andrade, Sara Tavares, Cachupa Psicadélica, Ferro Gaita, Dani Silva, Julinho da Concertina.. For the Iberian Music Awards Fogo Fogo were nominated the category ‘best performance 2017’, and have recently won “Best Live Show 2018” for radio show Santos da Casa.

Fogo Fogo spits Fire The name of Fogo Fogo is inspired by the volcano island ‘Fogo’, which means ‘fire’. And that’s what these talented band members are doing: bursting with African dance music that moves every hip. A tropical party always starts, when they play their first sounds. The sparks splash off when these five band members play together: – Francisco Rebelo (bass) – João Gomes (keys) – Márcio Silva (drums) – Danilo Lopes (voices / guitar) – David Estevas Pessoa (voices / guitar).

Dancing without hidden tricks Funaná is a traditional, Cape Verdean musical form. This is known for its fast-African percussion rhythms. Here you have to dance and if you are not into dancing, you still compete with the rhythms. Inspired by this music and African classics from the 80s / 90s, the musicians bring their skills together with Fogo Fogo in their own way. ‘Dancing without hidden tricks’ is their mission and it has always been a success. At many events in Portugal they have made themselves heard with songs like E Si Propi, Sentimento, Pomba, Cabra Preta and M’Bem Di Fora: “Five pieces of hot lava, recorded in an intense and direct way. Nothing will remain the same after the eruption “. Last year the band released ‘Nha Cutelo’, a 7 inch vinyl EP featuring their first original songs, achieving great radio airplay in Portuguese radio station Antena 3 who nominated ‘Oh Minina’ directly to the top tracks of 2018. At the moment Fogo Fogo is working on a new release for Record Store Day.


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